Personal Injury- Wrongful Death Involving Common Carrier 

Wrongful death action by surviving family members against common carrier defendant      and property owners adjoining accident site

Automobile Injury Cases-

Involving negligence, DUI, pedestrian injury, etc. including six- and seven-figure claims

Product Liability Matters

Insurance Issues, Including Coverage Disputes, Excess Liability and Bad Faith Claims, Crawford Indemnity Issues

Insurance Subrogation-

Multiple cases involving fire property loss, automobile property damage, and personal      injury

Section 504 civil rights (discrimination) action against school district

Medical Malpractice Claims

Sexual Conduct Resulting in Injury-

Pre-litigation personal injury matter involving claim of negligence causing physical and emotional injury

Intentional sexual abuse case

Dog Bites and Other Injuries Related to Animals-

Multiple cases involving dog bites, dog knock downs and related injuries, cases involving falls from horses

Real Estate-

Purchase agreement matters involving claims of failure to disclose and deposits

Disputes arising from property management agreements and purchase agreements

Lemon Law-

Lemon law claims related to vehicles with purchase prices and/or claims into six figures

Premises Liability-

Numerous contested liability matters involving six- and seven-figure claims

Public Entity Matters-

Involving premises, road and related claims

Elder Abuse-

Cases related to financial and physical abuse

Business Dissolution

Unlawful Detainer